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Newsletter No. 5 Dec 2018

2018 Reflections - Lorna Briggs, President
Dear members our first 6 months as a new Committee has been different. Challenging at times but also very rewarding with us now seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
The committee has been working hard in many different ways to continue to facilitate the maintenance of the club as well as the friendly atmosphere.
We are progressing with the new Strategic Plan that we hope will give guidance and incentive to what we do and where the club in going.

Finance and membership are beginning to show some improvement.
We would like to thank all those many members that give up their time and money to benefit the club. It is very much appreciated.

Financial Update - Ken Ellis
Financially this year we have managed to pull around a loss making situation into a profitable one albeit the forecast shows it to be a small one. I think this is great news.                                                                                            Unfortunately we have now lost the car park rent (£4,200pa) and this will be a difficult hole to fill for next year. However I prefer to not look at this as a negative situation but one in which we can turn in to a positive one with all members help.
Please can you ask yourselves how we can raise money for the club?   
· We can hire the club out, please pass on this message to all your friends.
· We now have two boards on which to display sponsorship banners. Do you know anyone who might wish to sponsor us?
· Can we link to another organisation who are looking for a club to hold meetings/socials?
These are only three suggestions, I am sure there are more and I look forward to you contacting Gary or myself about any ideas.

Bowling Update - Glynis Philbin

At a member’s bowling meeting on the 12th December, the following key points were raised:
1. A new team will be entered in the Ladies Huddersfield League, whilst a decision to allow a second ladies Wed. afternoon team will be given by the league in January.
2. Captains are reminded to have players registered by the league deadline, new ones requiring a YK number (see Karen Stott)
3. A new captain for the Hudds. Vets B team is urgently required or the team will be withdrawn from the league by 14 January. A Hudds. League representative is also required to attend two meetings per annum - names to Glynis Philbin please.
4. The min age of ladies playing in the Brighouse League will go up from 55 to 60 in 2019.
5. Elland D&E will be re-located to new greens, possibly Paddock I&C and/or Springwood.
6. Plans for further green treatment in December through to the opening of the season are in hand.
7. The benefits of team wear was discussed.
8. A junior club planned for 2019, with the ultimate aim a junior team.
9. Glynis Philbin presented the Bowling Strategic Objective and sought ideas how it may be achieved. Improving bowlers and teams whilst providing appropriate support for social bowlers is at the heart of this.

Snooker Competition

The snooker competition, held throughout November, drew 16 competitors.
In a tense three frame final which went right to the wire, Ben Stansfield defeated George Turton after a black ball re-spot.

Strategy Update - Tony Taylor

Following an internal survey of members and meetings with representatives from bowling and snooker teams, the Committee have agreed a number of
Strategic Objectives & team leads. Each objective will have a number of actions, the idea being that each team with responsibility for the action will identify when it is to be completed be that immediately, 2019, 2020 or beyond.

Here is a flavour of the Strategic Objectives.
The bowling green and its surroundings including the  Clubhouse; bowling and bowlers; snooker; social events; communication within the club and wider  and the club’s involvement within the community of Lindley; financial matters; and how the club is managed ethically and legally (its governance).
Examples of specific objectives are: keeping the green in excellent condition which would help the club host prestigious finals and support our top bowlers; extend or upgrade the clubhouse; put in place measures to promote continuous improvement of those who want to bowl; provide sustainable snooker facilities; and increasing the club’s involvement with the community of Lindley with a view to more membership and increased support of social events.

Of course, many of these initiatives will cost money and priorities will be carefully identified and spread over some years, especially difficult if we get no car park rent in the future. A benefactor would be very welcome at this stage!

This is just a taste of what’s being talked about. Just to remind you, we’ll be looking for your support to the Plan at the Annual General Meeting in March.
Our 125th Anniversary - Lorna Briggs

Next year we are already beginning to plan events for our 125 years as a bowling club. One event during the summer and a Dinner in October. A team and event yearbook is also proposed.
We are open to further suggestions of how to mark this event.
Further details will be shared early in the New Year.

From the Committee we would like wish all members a very
Happy Christmas and
Prosperous and Healthy New Year

Recognise Santa!! One of the many jobs of a club member!!

We hope that you have found this newsletter interesting and informative. If you would like to contribute to future publications, please forward your suggestions to lbc1894@outlook.com <mailto:lbc1894@outlook.com>