Daisy Lea Lane




United Kingdom

Social Calendar  Jan - Oct '20 & Bar Opening Times.  

The Social Calendar is cancelled until further notice (20 Mar 2020) 

Friday 24th January                Burns Night / Beetle Drive Quiz

Friday 28th February               Curry Night (with Lorna & Pete)

Friday 20th March                   The Landlubbers (Sea Shanties)

Sunday 5th April                     Easter Bowl & Brunch

Friday 17th April                     Music and Magic 

Sunday 3rd May                      Mixed Pairs (Derek Gee Trophy)

Sunday 17th May                    Bowl and Brunch

Sunday 7th June                     BBQ and Scramble

Sunday 5th July                      Rose Bowl  

Sunday 19th July                    Bowl and Brunch

Sunday 2nd August                 Almost Yorkshire Day  

Sunday 16th August                Bowl and Brunch

Sunday 30th August                Member and Guest Competition

Sunday 13th September          Bowl and Brunch

Friday 23rd October                 Boothown Rats

Bar Opening Hours 2019 

Monday        7.00pm up to 10.30pm from April until Sept.

Tuesday       Closed 

Wednesday  7.15pm up to 10.30pm.
                    8.00pm up to 10.30pm. from Oct. to March 

Thursday     7.00pm up to 10.30pm from April until Sept.
                    7.00pm    "   "     "         from Oct. to March
                    alternative weeks for snooker matches 

Friday          Closed 

Saturday      1.30pm to 6.00pm approx. April until Sept. on match days

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