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1.The small stool in the clubhouse is inscribed “Property of Lindley Bowling Club. Purchased March 1903. Cost One Shilling.”  

2.The pendulum clock in the clubhouse is: “In Memory of Herbert Walker - He had no sense of time but for everyone else. 1982” 

3.There is a nameplate on the stone entrance gate-post (top side), inscribed:“The Sydney Taylor Gate 2008”. As Sydney left an amount (believed to be £1000) in his will to the club, the Committee agreed to dedicate the gate after him.

4.Warner’s Way, a pathway and steps leading down to the right hand side of the green, was named after ex-President Geoff Warner, who died in 2014, in recognition of the work he did for the club. Geoff was a member of the Brighouse League winning team of 2009. The sign was erected by John Binns, a winning teammate. 

5.The cupboard under the Pendulum clock is named “Herbert’s Cupboard”. 

6.There are nine benches round the green donated by past and present members e.g.

H.G. Marchant M.B.E.
Geoffrey Warner (1928-2014) Past President and Loyal Member for more than 60 years
- In Memory of Hilary Ryan, Wife of Granville Ryan, Past President
- Fred Middleton, to mark 50 years membership April 1963
- In Memory of Douglas Johnston Hirst
- In Memory of Ernest B Whittle 1899-1976
- Presented by Bill & Jenny Sykes 1983

- Presented by the Veteran Bowlers 2010
- Presented by the Veteran Bowlers 2011  

7.The Rose Bowl - Mr Stuart Rose donated the trophy many years ago, prior to his departure to the Far East, where he unfortunately died. The club's most prestigious competition is only open to members, who play for the trophy along with prize money.

In recent times a Ladies Shield has also been competed for. 

8.The Village Cup, held in April, was established between Lindley and Lindley Lib. Bowling committees. This annual handicap competition is for all members to enter and is played on each club green alternatively. First round losers are entered into a subsequent cup so everyone gets at least two games. The trophy was donated by Coors and there is prize money (half donated from each club). In 2019 an inaugural ladies competition, won by Janet Hayden of LBC, was held, whilst the Cup was won by Alan Forrest of Lindley Lib.  

9.Ladies Day is held annually between Lindley and Lindley Lib around August. It is played on each green alternatively and open to all lady members.

10.The Derek Gee (Mixed Pairs) Trophy - Derek was a good friend of Bill Blackburn and for a number of years they were bowls partners in the veteran’s league at Marsh United. About 2011 he made himself a member at both Lindley clubs but only played in team matches at LBC, being a member of our successful Brighouse Vets team. He was a regular Friday night domino player. After he passed away his wife Jean, who was a good Yorkshire county bowler, presented the trophy in memory of her late husband.

The Rose Bowl and Ladies Shield

Village Cup

Derek Gee (Mixed Pairs) Trophy.